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Grimy washing line?

Avoid getting marks on clean laundry by
running a damp sheet of Plenty along your
washing line before pegging out clothes.

Smelly bin or shoes?

A drop of fabric softener or essential oil
on a sheet of Plenty will keep a bin, drawer
or pair of shoes fresh and fragrant.

Wilting salad?

To stop pre-picked salad leaves going
soggy in the bag, pop a sheet of Plenty inside with
the leaves and put back into the fridge.

Stainless steel
not so stainless?

Remove black tarnish on
uncoated aluminium pans by
boiling water with several slices of
fresh lemon. Pour the water away
and rub over the area
with a sheet of Plenty.

Mucky microwave?

Pop a lemon wedge into a bowl of water
and microwave for 3 minutes. Stand for
a few minutes, then wipe inside the
microwave with a sheet of Plenty to
clean surface grease and freshen up.

Dirty wipers?

To keep your windscreen wiper blades
sparkly clean and free of grease, squeeze
some lemon juice onto a sheet of Plenty
and gently wipe each blade.

Murky windows?

Ensure your windows and mirrors are
smear-free by cleaning them with a
little white vinegar and buffing to a
shine with Plenty.

Soggy rice?

Place a couple of sheets of
Plenty over a saucepan of
almost-cooked rice. Leave for
5 minutes and the sheets
will absorb excess moisture.

Limescale in the loo?

Sprinkle in some washing soda crystals, leave to soak
overnight, flush away and then wipe clean with Plenty.
Note: Do not flush Plenty down the toilet.

Dust you can’t reach?

Wrap a sheet of Plenty around a ruler
or thin piece of wood to dust behind
radiators or under the telly.

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